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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

For lifting of Steel Plates, Steel Blocks, Profiles, Rounds, ...

Battery powered Magnets

HBEP-lifting Magnets are the newest high-tech development...

Magnetic quick change Systems

Optimized technology for fast and efficient Mould changes...

Magnetic Chucks for Workholding

For fast and tension-free clamping of Workpieces on Metal cutting Machines

Magnetic grippers for Automation

Manipulation, clamping and moving of workpieces with various shapes and weight.

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Electro Permanent Magnets (EPM) are the latest technology, with 95% energy savings and total safety compared to traditional electromagnets.
They only require power during MAG and DEMAG periods. No power supply is required during operation.

Our technology consists of an electro permanent magnetic circuit with alternating poles N / S arranged according to the chessboard principle, which are located in a magnetically neutral frame. Each pole consists of a steel core surrounded by high-potential magnets (Neodymium). Under the steel core is a magnet with reversible polarity (Alnico), around which an electric coil is wound. When we send a short current pulse through the electric coil, the magnetic field moves from the inside to the outside of the system (and vice versa).


MAGBAT-Europe is  developer and manufacturer of electro permanent magnet systems for the industry. In 2017, we entered a partnership with the renowned HVR-Magnetics, allowing us to offer you the best price/quality.

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