Investing in the right equipment for your business is crucial for its success. For our customer, their investment in an electro permanent magnetic beam with battery supply brought them quick and significant returns. The customer, who works in the construction industry, needs a solution for lifting I and H profiles up to 15 meters in length, weighing a maximum of 2,600 kg. Traditional lifting methods are time-consuming and require multiple workers, making it an expensive and inefficient process.

Electro permanent magnetic beam for lifting heavy profiles

The electro permanent magnetic beam with a V-form magnetic pole design offers the perfect solution. Its battery supply makes it easy to use in any location without requiring access to a power source. Additionally, its ability to lift L-profiles provides even more versatility for the customer's business needs. The customer is pleased with how fast and safe the equipment is to use, with only one person needed to operate it. The magnetic beam securely holds the profiles in place, eliminating the risk of them slipping or falling during the lifting process. This makes the job safer for workers and significantly reduces the risk of damage to the profiles.

Return on investment of lifting magnets

The most impressive aspect of the investment is the quick return on investment. The customer sees a significant reduction in labour costs and increased efficiency in their operations.The electro permanent magnetic beam allows for quicker turnaround times, meaning more work can be completed in less time. This leads to an increase in profits for the business, making the investment well worth it. In conclusion, investing in the right equipment can be a game-changer for businesses. The electro permanent magnetic beam with battery supply proves to be a fast, safe, and cost-effective solution for lifting I and H profiles up to 15 meters in length, and L-profiles with its V-form magnetic pole design. It is no surprise that this customer sees a quick return on investment with increased efficiency, reduced labour costs, and an increase in profits.  
Electro permanent magnetic beam with battery

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Efficient and safe unloading of a vessel with steel sheets.

At Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen GmbH, efficiency and safety are paramount. With our telescopically designed electro permanent magnetic traverse, they have successfully lifted steel plates weighing up to an impressive 24 tons directly from the hold of a ship.

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Haizea Wind – Lifting 75 tons of heavy steel plates

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Haizea Wind in Bilbao, where we have delivered 4 Telescopic electro-permanent magnetic Beams. These beams boast a remarkable lifting capacity of 75 tons, specifically engineered for the manipulation of heavy steel plates.

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CS Wind – Leading the way in heavy steel plate lifting

We are proud to be a part of the new facility at CS WIND in Portugal. As an international manufacturer of wind towers, CS Wind relies on heavy steel plates for the production of these structures. For the efficient transport of these crucial components, CS Wind has chosen MAGBAT’s telescopic electro-permanent magnetic beams.

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