Battery powered electro permanent lifting magnets

Electro permanent magnets with battery supply offer versatile and reliable magnetic solutions for various applications, with portable and efficient operation.

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Electro Permanent lifting Magnets

MAGBAT-Electro Permanent Magnets (EPM) offer 95% energy savings
and superior safety compared to traditional electromagnets

They require power only during MAG and DEMAG phases, operating without power supply. The technology features an electro permanent magnetic circuit with alternating N/S poles, following the chessboard principle, in a magnetically neutral frame. Each pole includes a steel core surrounded by fixed polarity magnets (Neodymium). Beneath the steel core, a magnet with reversible polarity (AlNiCo) is surrounded by an electric coil. A short current pulse through the coil enables the magnetic field to move in and out of the system.

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Electro permanent magnetic Chucks for Workholding

Electro permanent magnetic chucks for workholding offer secure and efficient clamping for milling, turning, and grinding operations, enhancing productivity and precision.

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Magnetic Quick Change Systems

Magnetic quick change systems enable efficient mould and die changes, enhancing productivity in injection molding and punch presses. Our system, leading in electro permanent magnet technology, revolutionizes the way industries handle dies and molds, enhancing safety, energy efficiency, and operational productivity.

> Discover our Magnetic Quick Change Systems for Dies or Magnetic Quick Change Systems for Moulds. <

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Magnets for automation

Magnets for automation and robots, utilizing electro permanent magnetic modules and magnetic grippers for manipulation, clamping and moving of workpieces with various shapes and weight.

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Rubber covered Permanent Magnets

Rubber coated permanent magnets are the ideal choice for fixation components in offshore environments due to their unique combination of durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility.

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