Battery powered electro permanent lifting magnets

Electro permanent magnets with battery supply offer versatile and reliable magnetic solutions for various applications, with portable and efficient operation.

HBEPP – Lifting steel Sheets

The HBEPP electro permanent magnetic beam with rechargeable battery is specially designed for effortless lifting of single steel plates with a minimum thickness of 5 mm.

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HBEPS – Lifting of profiles

The HBEPS-beam operates independently with no power supply cable, utilizing an integrated rechargeable battery pack. The beam’s magnetic force is generated by permanent magnets, ensuring 100% safety while lifting Profiles up to 24.000 mm length.

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HBEP – Flat and round steel Parts

Complete range of electro permanent lifting magnets 500 – 5.000 kg with integrated lithium battery for lifting flat and cylindrical workpieces.

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HBEPP/S – Lifting steel Strips

The HBEPP/S magnetic beam simplifies the handling of steel strips with its slim design, effortless positioning, and integrated rechargeable battery. It can also lift steel shafts with an optional V-shaped pole foot.

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HBEPP/T – Manual Telescopic Beam

The HBEPP/T manual electro permanent magnetic beam, with a battery-powered design, efficiently handles steel sheets of various lengths. Its telescopic system with manual lever offer seamless movement.

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