Rubber covered Permanent Magnets

Rubber coated permanent magnets are the ideal choice for fixation components in offshore environments due to their unique combination of durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility.


The MAG-LOCK© magnet system offers a smart and efficient solution, replacing traditional fastening methods. It saves time and money while maintaining high quality and reliability.

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Rubber covered magnet with female Thread

Rubber coated magnets with a screw hole which makes them easy to use in combination with a screw.

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Rubber covered magnet with thread Sleeve

Rubberized magnets with screw bushing offer extended threading capability, allowing easy integration with screws.

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Rubber covered magnet with male Thread

Rubber covered Magnet with male Thread for fixation of components in offshore environment.

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Rubber coverd magnet for use in wind turbine towers or other places where the surface is curved.

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Rubber covered magnet with Saddle

Rubber covered magnet with plastic bracket for easy cable attachment using straps or cable ties.

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