Magnetic Quick Change Systems

Magnetic quick change systems enable efficient mould and die changes, enhancing productivity in injection molding and punch presses. Our system, leading in electro permanent magnet technology, revolutionizes the way industries handle dies and molds, enhancing safety, energy efficiency, and operational productivity.

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Magnetic Quick Change System for moulds

Magnetic Quick Change Systems for Injection Moulds

Magnetic clamping plates reduce mold changeover time by 90%, enabling safe and ergonomic mold changes by a single operator. No mold modifications are needed, as any shape or size can be safely clamped.

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Magnetic Quick Change System For Dies

Magnetic Quick Change Systems for Dies

Magnetic clamping plates can decrease die changeover time by 90%, allowing one operator to safely and ergonomically perform the task.

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HQMC Magnetic Clamping System (Quick Mold/Die Change System)

Our Magnetic Clamping System uses optimised unique electro permanent magnetic clamping technology, for the clamping of moulds and dies for plastic injection moulding machines and metal stamping presses.

Reduce change time of mould or dies to 3 minutes

The change time of moulds and tools is drastically reduced up to 95%, with a maximum change time of 3 minutes. This system consists of 2 magnetic plates, fixed and stationary, man-machine interface, electrical control box. Size and geometric shape of the magnetic plates can be freely designed as requested by the customer.

The magnetic quick change system is perfectly suited for a range of sectors, including automotive manufacturing, precision engineering, injection molding, metal stamping, and steel production, our system streamlines complex processes, significantly improving production time and output quality.

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