Hoffmeier – Telescopic magnetic beam for lifting heavy steel

At MAGBAT, we power industries with excellence. As a testament to our commitment to top-notch quality and unparalleled expertise, we are proud to share a recent collaboration with Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen, a leading German steel plant and construction company.  

A solution for lifting heavy steel plates

Our latest breakthrough is a telescopic electro permanent magnetic beam for lifting heavy steel plates. The beam, praised for its exceptional quality, has made a significant impact. Revolutionizing Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen’s work processes, it has both increased speed and enhanced safety.


Collaboration with Magbat Europe

Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen is more than satisfied with the entire process, from initial expert consultations to final delivery and staff training. They confidently recommend MAGBAT for those in search of modern and reliable solutions.

But our innovation doesn’t stop there. The beam’s telescopic design allows for versatility in handling varying sizes of steel plates. Harnessing the power of electro permanent magnetism, this solution enables companies like Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen to lift weights of up to 24 tons directly from the hold of a ship.

Advantages of telescopic electro permanent magnetic beams

The result? Streamlined transportation processes, reduced manual handling, and minimized risk of accidents, improving efficiency and productivity dramatically.

We are honored to be part of this transformative journey with Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen. As we continue our partnership, we look forward to delivering more innovative solutions that drive success and progress. Want to know more about our telescopic electro permanent magnetic beam? Contact us today.

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