Electro Permanent lifting Magnets

MAGBAT-Electro Permanent Magnets (EPM) offer 95% energy savings
and superior safety compared to traditional electromagnets

They require power only during MAG and DEMAG phases, operating without power supply. The technology features an electro permanent magnetic circuit with alternating N/S poles, following the chessboard principle, in a magnetically neutral frame. Each pole includes a steel core surrounded by fixed polarity magnets (Neodymium). Beneath the steel core, a magnet with reversible polarity (AlNiCo) is surrounded by an electric coil. A short current pulse through the coil enables the magnetic field to move in and out of the system.

HM1 – Fix Electro Permanent magnetic Beam

The HM1 fix electro permanent magnetic beam is the economical solution to lift single steel sheets with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. Standard available for lenghts up to 16.000 mm.

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HM2 – Telescopic Electro Permanent magnetic Beam

The HM2 telescopic electro permanent magnetic beam is a versatile solution for lifting steel sheets. It combines electro permanent magnets and telescopic functionality for secure and efficient lifting, with adjustable size flexibility and 100% safety assurance.

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HM3 – Electro Permanent magnetic Beam for Thin Steel Sheets

The HM3 series lifting magnets are designed for thin steel plates/sheets (minimum thickness of 3 mm). With elastic suspension and electro permanent magnetic modules, they adapt perfectly to the steel sheet.

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HM4 – Vertical lifting of Steel Sheets

The HM4 beam provides a fast and efficient solution for handling sheet metal in warehouses. Its compact design allows easy access to racks, and its balanced construction enables smooth switching between vertical and horizontal positions

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HM5 – Cutted Parts

HM5-Beams efficiently remove cut pieces and remaining material from the cutting table, reducing labor costs and boosting productivity.

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HM6 – Multiple steel Sheets

The HM6 electro permanent magnets are custom-designed for lifting steel sheet stacks, offering a powerful and deep magnetic field for secure and efficient operations.

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HS – Lifting of Profiles

HS electro permanent magnet beams provide an even lift, eliminating sagging, and enabling a single operator to control the magnet remotely, increasing speed and reducing risks.

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HT – Lifting of Tubes

Efficiently and securely handle pipes, rows, and bundles while preserving the protective coating. Cost-effective and space-saving, it replaces wooden dividers.

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HC – Lifting of Coils

Our electro permanent magnet modules offer efficient and secure handling of coils in both horizontal and vertical configurations. They prevent compression and damage, save up to 30% space, and integrate seamlessly into automated production processes like decoiling.

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Heavy steel lifting magnets

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  • Electro Permanent magnetic Beam


    175 years of Wacker Neuson marked the relocation of their Serbian branch to the new production hall. We take immense pride in being a part of this milestone by delivering their first electro-permanent magnetic beam, enabling the safe and swift loading of their cutting machine.

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  • CS Wind - Leading the way in heavy steel plate lifting

    We are proud to be a part of the new facility at CS WIND in Portugal. As an international manufacturer of wind towers, CS Wind relies on heavy steel plates for the production of these structures. For the efficient transport of these crucial components, CS Wind has chosen MAGBAT's telescopic electro-permanent magnetic beams.

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  • Haizea Wind - Lifting 75 tons of heavy steel plates

    We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Haizea Wind in Bilbao, where we have delivered 4 Telescopic electro-permanent magnetic Beams. These beams boast a remarkable lifting capacity of 75 tons, specifically engineered for the manipulation of heavy steel plates.

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Advantages of Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

  1. Enhanced Safety: Electro permanent lifting magnets provide a secure and reliable lifting solution, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of operators and surrounding personnel.
  2. Effortless Operation: These magnets offer easy and efficient operation with simple controls, allowing operators to lift and release loads quickly and effortlessly.
  3. Increased Productivity: Electro permanent lifting magnets enable fast and efficient material handling, reducing downtime and improving productivity in various industries.
  4. Versatility: These magnets are highly versatile and can lift a wide range of materials, including steel plates, profiles, pipes, and even irregularly shaped objects, making them suitable for diverse applications.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Electro permanent lifting magnets consume power only during the magnetization and demagnetization phases, resulting in significant energy savings till 95% compared to traditional permanent magnets.
  6. No Power Supply Required During Operation: Once the load is lifted, electro permanent lifting magnets do not require a continuous power supply, reducing dependence on electrical connections and allowing for greater mobility.
  7. Precise and Controlled Placement: These magnets offer precise positioning and controlled placement of loads, ensuring accurate alignment and reducing the risk of damage during handling.
  8. Reduced Maintenance: Electro permanent lifting magnets have minimal maintenance requirements, resulting in cost savings and increased uptime for lifting operations.
  9. Improved Magnetic Performance: With the ability to control the magnetic field strength, electro permanent lifting magnets provide optimized lifting capacity and secure grip on materials, improving overall lifting performance.
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