Electro Permanent lifting Magnets

Electro-permanent lifting magnets combine the advantages of electromagnets and permanent magnets, providing efficient and reliable lifting capabilities.

HM1 – Fix Electro Permanent magnetic Beam

The HM1 fix electro permanent magnetic beam is the economical solution to lift single steel sheets with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. Standard available for lenghts up to 16.000 mm.

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HM2 – Telescopic Electro Permanent magnetic Beam

The HM2 telescopic electro permanent magnetic beam is a versatile solution for lifting steel sheets. It combines electro permanent magnets and telescopic functionality for secure and efficient lifting, with adjustable size flexibility and 100% safety assurance.

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HM3 – Electro Permanent magnetic Beam for Thin Steel Sheets

The HM3 series lifting magnets are designed for thin steel plates/sheets (minimum thickness of 3 mm). With elastic suspension and electro permanent magnetic modules, they adapt perfectly to the steel sheet.

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HM4 – Vertical lifting of Steel Sheets

The HM4 beam provides a fast and efficient solution for handling sheet metal in warehouses. Its compact design allows easy access to racks, and its balanced construction enables smooth switching between vertical and horizontal positions

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HM5 – Cutted Parts

HM5-Beams efficiently remove cut pieces and remaining material from the cutting table, reducing labor costs and boosting productivity.

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HM6 – Multiple steel Sheets

The HM6 electro permanent magnets are custom-designed for lifting steel sheet stacks, offering a powerful and deep magnetic field for secure and efficient operations.

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HS – Lifting of Profiles

HS electro permanent magnet beams provide an even lift, eliminating sagging, and enabling a single operator to control the magnet remotely, increasing speed and reducing risks.

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HT – Lifting of Tubes

Efficiently and securely handle pipes, rows, and bundles while preserving the protective coating. Cost-effective and space-saving, it replaces wooden dividers.

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HC – Lifting of Coils

Our electro permanent magnet modules offer efficient and secure handling of coils in both horizontal and vertical configurations. They prevent compression and damage, save up to 30% space, and integrate seamlessly into automated production processes like decoiling.

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