HM3: Electro permanent magnetic beam for thin steel sheets



The HM3 series lifting magnets provide an ideal solution, specifically designed for thin steel plates/sheets with a minimum thickness of 3 mm.

These magnetic beams consist of multiple electro permanent magnetic modules that are elastically suspended, allowing for perfect adaptation to the steel sheet. The electronic control features a selector switch to activate or deactivate magnetic modules based on the dimensions of the steel plate/sheet.

The “PICK-UP” cycle ensures safe lifting of a single steel sheet.

The integrated digital push buttons or the provided radio remote control allow convenient control of the lifting operation.

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Min. Thickness
min - max
min - max
EPM Modules
HM3-03-0101.00031.000 - 2.500500 - 3.0006550
HM3-06-0202.00031.000 - 2.5001.000 - 6.00012700
HM3-09-0303.00031.000 - 2.5001.000 - 9.000181.000
4.00031.000 - 2.5001.000 - 12.000241.300

Boost efficiency with the HM3 electro permanent magnetic beam for thin steel sheets

When it comes to plate magnets for lifting steel, few can match the HM3 series from MAGBAT-Europe. Our magnets have been designed with safety and efficiency in mind, making magnet lifting a seamless part of your operations.

Steel industries often need to handle thin sheets. This is where our steel plate lifting magnets come into play. The HM3 series is specifically designed for thin steel sheets of a minimum thickness of 3mm, ensuring secure lifting without the risk of damage.

But what if your operation involves a metal sheet for magnets other than steel? While the HM3 series is specifically engineered for steel, its innovative design allows for some level of versatility. However, we always recommend confirming compatibility to ensure safety and efficiency.

Plate handling magnets are no less than game-changers in the steel industry. They not only increase the safety of lifting operations but also boost productivity by reducing manual handling. And when you have the HM3 series at your disposal, you also benefit from a sophisticated landing detection system that avoids accidental demagnetization in the air.

Our lifting magnets for steel plates have a simple yet innovative design. They use multiple electro permanent magnetic modules that are elastically suspended. This ensures that the magnets adapt perfectly to the steel sheets, maximizing contact and lifting security.

In the world of steel handling, finding the right magnet for lifting steel can greatly influence your operations’ success. The HM3 series from MAGBAT-Europe offers a comprehensive solution with advanced safety features, ensuring your operations remain efficient, safe, and profitable.


FAQs on electro permanent lifting magnets for thin steel sheets

What are plate magnets for lifting steel?

Plate magnets for lifting steel are devices designed to handle and lift steel plates safely and efficiently. Our HM3 series is an example of such a tool, tailored for thin steel sheets with a minimum thickness of 3mm.

How does magnet lifting work with the HM3 series?

The HM3 series uses electro permanent magnetic modules, suspended elastically, which allow for perfect adaptation to the steel sheet. These modules can be activated or deactivated depending on the dimensions of the steel plate, ensuring efficient and secure magnet lifting.

Why are steel plate lifting magnets important for handling thin sheets?

Steel plate lifting magnets like the HM3 series are specifically designed to lift single thin steel sheets safely. This is crucial in industries where precision and safety are paramount.

Can these lifting magnets be used on any metal sheet for magnets?

These lifting magnets are specifically designed for use with steel sheets. They might not work with the same efficiency or safety on other types of metal sheets.

What are the advantages of plate handling magnets?

Plate handling magnets offer numerous benefits. They provide secure lifting, minimize the risk of material damage, increase productivity, and promote workplace safety. Our HM3 series also includes a landing detection system to prevent accidental demagnetisation in the air.

How reliable are lifting magnets for steel plates?

Our lifting magnets for steel plates are exceptionally reliable. They are designed to optimize safety and efficiency, with features such as the PICK-UP cycle for secure lifting and an advanced System Performance Check (SPC).

How can a magnet for lifting steel improve my operations?

A magnet for lifting steel, like our HM3 series, can significantly boost the efficiency and safety of your operations. Its selective activation of magnetic modules based on steel plate dimensions, along with remote control operations, ensures precision and ease of use.


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