Electro permanent magnetic Chucks for Workholding

Electro permanent magnetic chucks for workholding offer secure and efficient clamping for milling, turning, and grinding operations, enhancing productivity and precision.

Magnetic Chucks for workholding for Lathes

Magnetic Chucks for Lathes

Electro Permanent Magnetic (EPM) Lathe chucks provide a solution by clamping the workpiece from its base surface. This setup allows uninterrupted tool paths and enables complete machining in a single setup.

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Magnetic Chucks for Grinding Machines

Magnetic Chucks for Grinding Machines

Electro-permanent magnetic chucks offer a superior solution for grinding and spark erosion machines. Their short current pulse and permanent magnet force prevent overheating and maintain precision.

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Magnetic chucks for workholding milling machines

Magnetic Chucks for Milling Machines

Electro-permanent magnet tables for milling machines have a chessboard pattern of square pole plates with alternating N/S poles. They feature fixed and mobile pole extensions that adapt to the workpiece shape, allowing tension-free clamping. This setup enables efficient machining on five sides, minimizing repositioning.

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