Magnetic Quick Change System for Dies



Magnetic clamping plates can decrease die changeover time by 95%, allowing one operator to safely and ergonomically perform the task.

Furthermore, the dies are securely and precisely aligned, both in the lower and upper parts, preventing any wear during the punching process.
This leads to enhanced quality in the formed parts.

Modifying molds is unnecessary as any mold, regardless of its shape and dimensions, can be safely clamped with 100% effectiveness.

With the inclusion of eight safety features, a fully reliable production process is ensured.

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Revolutionize your die changeovers with the HQMCT magnetic clamping system

Imagine completing a die changeover in just three minutes. With the HQMCT magnetic quick change system for dies, this is not only possible but guaranteed. By employing a magnetic clamping plate, this system decreases die changeover time by a staggering 95%.

One of the key aspects of the HQMCT system is how it brings efficiency to mould clamping systems. It ensures that dies are securely and precisely aligned in both the lower and upper parts, thereby preventing any wear during the punching process. The result? Enhanced quality in your formed parts.

Worried about the size and shape of your molds? Don’t be. The HQMCT system is designed to safely clamp any mold, no matter its dimensions or shape. With this magnetic clamping system, mold modifications are a thing of the past, saving you valuable time and resources.

But the HQMCT system is not just about efficiency—it’s about safety as well. With eight incorporated safety features and an all-steel, oil and water-proof design, a fully reliable production process is assured.

On-site repairs are a breeze with the HQMCT system. The uniquely designed clamping magnets can be repaired on your premises, ensuring minimum downtime and uninterrupted operations.

Adhering to the EUROMAP 70.0 or 70.1 machine interface, the HQMCT system smoothly integrates into your existing setup, providing a seamless transition to more efficient operations.

Boost your productivity and safety with the HQMCT magnetic quick change system for dies. Contact us today to learn more about this revolution in die changeovers. For full details, request our brochure using the button below or the form at the bottom of the page.

FAQs on HQMCT Magnetic quick change systems for dies

What is a magnetic clamping system?

A magnetic clamping system, like our HQMCT, is a device specifically designed to secure dies securely and ergonomically during the changeover process. It significantly reduces the changeover time by up to 95%.

How does the magnetic clamping plate work in the HQMCT system?

The magnetic clamping plate is designed to hold the dies in both the upper and lower parts, ensuring they are perfectly aligned. This precision reduces wear during the punching process, enhancing the quality of the formed parts.

Can I use the HQMCT magnetic clamping system with any mold?

Absolutely. Our HQMCT system can clamp any mold, regardless of its shape or dimensions, safely and effectively. There’s no need for any mold modifications.

What makes the HQMCT system safe to use?

The HQMCT system comes with eight safety features that ensure a fully reliable and secure production process. It is also all-steel, oil and water-resistant, adding to its safety.

Can the magnetic poles in the HQMCT system be repaired on-site?

Yes, the HQMCT’s unique magnet pole design allows for on-site repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operation.

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