The HM2 electro permanent magnetic beam is the solution for manipulating single steel sheets in various lengths and thicknesses within limited spaces.


Do you know the problem? Due to lack of space, you are forced to stack steel sheets on top of each other in different lengths. Just imagine, the steel sheets you need are at position 20… This not only costs you time, but also money, a lot of money…

When you organise your steel warehouse with the aid of a telescopic, electro-permanent magnetic beam, you can place the steel sheets right next to each other. The result is a space saving of up to 25%.

Because you can easily pick up sheet by sheet using a magnet, you no longer need wooden beams to be placed between the steel sheets. This also results in considerable space and cost savings.


Simple steel plate treatment in 5 steps:

  1. Position the magnetic beam above the steel sheet and move the electrically driven telescopic arms IN/OFF according to the length of the steel sheet.
  2. Lower the magnetic beam onto the steel sheet and select the number of magnetic modules according to the dimensions of the steel sheet.
  3. Use the 4-position switch to select the right power according to the thickness of the steel sheet.
  4. Carry out the PICK-UP cycle and lift the sheet some 10 cm. Make sure that only one steel sheet is picked up. If several steel plates are picked up, put them down again and reduce the force one position. Carry out the PICK-UP cycle again.
  5. Run the FULLMAG cycle (magnetisation at full power)
    You can now safely move the steel sheet.

Electro permanent magnets are the safest solution for lifting single steel sheets. They only require current during the magnetisation and demagnetisation phase. Afterwards, the electric current is no longer required. The effective force is generated by permanent magnets.

For more information on the safety features: click here



The return on investment of an electro permanent magnetic beam is very fast.
Following point have to be taken in to account:

  1. One operator can manipulate the steel plates
  2. Manipulation of steel sheets is considerably faster
  3. 95% less energy consumption compared to electromagnets
  4. No BACKUP batteries required
  5. No wooden beams required
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