Electro Permanent Magnetic (EPM) modules are a revolutionary technology used in the automation of welding processes. These modules use a combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets to position and clamp metal parts during the welding process by a robot.

Advantages of Electro Permanent Magetic Modules

The advantage of EPM modules is their ability to provide strong and accurate clamping force while remaining flexible in their application. The modules can be easily mounted on robotic arms and adjusted to suit different shapes and sizes of metal parts, allowing for a precise and efficient welding process.

Furthermore, EPM modules offer enhanced safety as they do not require a continuous power supply to maintain their clamping force. Once the electromagnetic field is activated, the module maintains its clamping force until it is deactivated.

In conclusion, the use of EPM modules in welding automation offers significant benefits in terms of precision, efficiency, and safety. As a result, they are increasingly becoming the go-to technology for industries that require high-quality welding processes.

Magnetic Modules for Welding Automation
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