Magnetic Quick Change System for Moulds

Electro permanent magnetic quick-change systems are used for fast and safe clamping of moulds in injection molding machines from 50 – 4000 TON, resulting in less machine downtime.
All molds, regardless of their shape or weight, can be clamped without any mould modifications.
The mould is clamped uniformly over the entire contact surface, and does not deform when ejected, so that parts of better quality can be injected.
Set-up times can be reduced by 90% compared to a conventional procedure. One operator carries out the procedure without having to climb into the machine.
The highest standard of eight safety functions forms a real-time protection system.

Mould change, 3 min ready!

Magnetic Plate movable Side

Magnetic Plate fixed side

Mould clamping


Lower the mould into the injection moulding machine.


Position the mold with the locationg ring and close the machine.


Execute the MAG cycle for the fixed- and movable side of the mould.


Release the mould from the hook and start the automatic production process.

Mould unclamping


Close the mould and attach it to the hook of the crane.


Execute the DEMAG cycle for the fixed- and movable side of the mould.


Move the movable plate of the machine back and remove the mould.


The machine is ready for a new mould

Benefits of an electro permanent magnetic quick clamping system


The magnetic force remains permanently present, even in the event of a power failure.

Energy saving

More than 95% energy savings


More than 90% time savings on mould changes

Extended lifespan

Full-metal clamping surface, long lifespan


Uniform clamping force, resulting in better quality of injected parts.

Maintenance free

No moving parts, no heating, no wear parts