With the latest generation of electro permanent lifters of the HBEPP series, lifting thin steel sheets is no longer a problem.


Depending on the thickness of the steel strip, the force during the PICK-UP phase can be set via a 4-position switch. This ensures that only one steel strip is picked up. Once the sheet is loose from the stack, it immediately switches to FULLMAG = 100% of the total force. After this, transport is safe.

Depending on the dimensions of the steel sheet, a corresponding number of magnetic modules can be selected. This limits the bending of the steel sheet.


A cam has been mounted on the shackle of the hoisting chain, which works in combination with an inductive proximity switch. This prevents demagnetisation in the air.

Electro permanent lifting magnets use only a few seconds of electric current to invert the magnet molecularly. The effective force is generated by permanent magnets. In other words, electro permanent lifting magnets are 100% safe.


Only a current pulse of a few seconds is needed to invert the magnet molecularly. As a result, the magnet does not heat up, and the magnetic force remains constant.

In addition, there are no moving parts in the magnet. Electro permanent lift magnets are therefore virtually maintenance free.

In the HBEPP range, electrical power is supplied by an integrated, rechargeable battery pack.

Due to its low energy consumption, over 300 steel plates can be lifted before the battery needs to be recharged.

Charging the battery is done via the built-in charger on 230V/50Hz and takes about 8 hours.

In the above application, the steel sheets are delivered in packages and have to be removed piece by piece.
The hall in which this takes place is very spacious, so the magnetic conveyor has to be used in combination with several overhead cranes.
As the HBEPP magnets work completely autonomously, without an accompanying power cable, this was the most flexible solution for the customer.

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